10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

10 Ideas for the 100th day of school

The 100th day of school is a huge milestone! By now, you have formed a classroom community. You are likely more than half way through the school year. Your students have learned SO MUCH. It is time to celebrate! This post is designed to give you quick ideas to honor the first 100 days of the school year. 

1. Making Ten Math Craft

Who loves sprinkles? These sprinkles are extra special because they have students practicing how to make 10. Students write in the missing addend and match the addend to the space on the cupcake. Ten "making ten" sprinkles equals a total value of 100.

100th day of school math craft for kindergarten

2. 100 Days Sprinkled with Learning Writing Craft

This is a slightly smaller version of the larger writing crafts I've shared but still includes everything you need to teach the writing process. Make it a one-day lesson or expand the project for a full week. Students spend time reflecting on what they've learned and/or their favorite parts of the school year so far. This craft provides lots of opportunities to reflect on student accomplishments, challenges and more!


100th day of school writing craft

3. Fine Motor Sprinkles

Use q-tips or markers to fill in the 100 sprinkles on the cupcake. All you need for this fun FREEBIE is paint, q-tips and/or markers. You can grab the free printable here.

Free 100th Day of School Craft


There are SO many ways to celebrate the first 100 days of school.

A few of these ideas include:

⭐️Dressing up as a 100 year old

⭐️Decorating a shirt with 100 objects

⭐️Bring in 100 things (i.e. pennies, buttons, etc.)

⭐️Fill 10 ten frames with different snacks or manipulatives

⭐️Exercise 100 times (10 jumping jacks, 10 toe touches, etc.)

⭐️Complete a 100 piece puzzle

⭐️Collect 100 cans of food for a local food pantry

Congratulations on the first 100 days! Have fun!

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