Magic Alphabet Mystery Puzzles

How to Boost Engagement with Mystery Puzzles

Do you use puzzles in your classroom? Puzzles have always been a popular free choice activity for my children. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my children’s love of puzzles with foundational literacy skills.

Thus, Mystery Puzzles were born.

Alphabet Mystery Puzzles

What are Mystery Puzzles?

Mystery Puzzles are interactive activities where students match letters, words or beginning sounds to reveal a mystery picture. Given the wide range of skills included, teachers are easily able to differentiate instruction for each student in their classroom. I just choose the puzzle that best supports each of my students and my planning is complete!

Letter Match Stars and Rainbow   Magic Lamp Beginning Sounds


Why We Love Mystery Puzzles

First of all, these puzzles are so FUN and DIFFERENT than other literacy centers we’ve done in the past. Every time I show a new set, it reignites that spark for learning we all crave for our students.

Students are so excited about what they are learning when they are putting together these puzzles. This has become a wonderful tool to keep my children engaged and eager to put in their best effort.

Practicing letter recognition, beginning sounds and sight words will lead to more independent readers. As a teacher and mom, I like to be intentional with the work I am giving my students. This isn’t just busy work. This is an intentional activity that is having students practicing foundational skills necessary for elementary literacy.

There are sets for most every season and holiday. This is important for two reasons. First, it keeps things exciting for students, always providing them with a new puzzle to solve. Two, it gives students a chance to become familiar with the process of putting the puzzles together. This leads to more independence in centers, guided groups and morning tubs.

  Winter Mystery Puzzle  Spring Mystery Puzzle


You can try a FREE Mystery Puzzle here.

You can find even more puzzles here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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