About Me

I am your go-to Teacher Mama for creative and engaging activities for your little learners. If you are short on time, overwhelmed by the wide range of abilities in your classroom and looking to engage your students with low-prep activities, I’m your girl.

The activities I create are designed to make planning and prep easier for YOU! Whether you are an elementary teacher or parent, the resources you’ll find here are easy to use and differentiate. I am here to help and always just a quick email away.

The Story Behind Running Turtle Resources

Teaching was always been part of my journey. I was the kid who asked for a “Teacher Kit” for Christmas. The one who made their little sister “play school” on the weekends. My first job as a teenager was babysitting for the families in our neighborhood. 

It was no surprise that I pursued a career in education and spent 11 amazing years as an Elementary School Teacher. 

Fast Forward to 2016 when I took on a new role- Mom. By February 2020, I had 3 kids under 3 years old. I knew it was time to take a step back from the classroom but still wanted to support teachers and students. It made me wonder, “Is there a way to do both?”

Running Turtle Resources was my solution. As a busy mom of 3 and a teacher, I often tell others that I feel like a “Running Turtle”- working hard but not always getting to where I want to go quickly. I wanted to design resources to save my fellow “running turtles” time, help them to differentiate their instruction and engage their students in learning.

Let Me Help YOU!

I am here and ready to help take the planning and prep off your plate. As we begin to recover from the effects of the pandemic, providing students with fun, differentiated activities is absolutely necessary. 

I would be honored to help you. Click the Link below to grab this Free Name Craft to get started today!

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