Kindergarten Apple Activities

5 Favorite Apple Activities for Kindergarten

Favorite Apple Activities for Kindergarten

Fall is my favorite! Utilizing an Apple Theme in September is a fun way to engage little learners now that school is in session. We start by heading to the library to check out our favorite Apple Books. This sets the tone for our theme. Today, I am sharing 5 Favorite Apple Themed Activities to pair with those read alouds.

1. Apple Name Craft

This apple craft is perfect for fine motor strengthening, name recognition and letter counting. You can print the apple letters or edit student names in Powerpoint. Personally, I like to use the extra apple letters to practice sight words. 

Fall Apple Name Craft

2. Fall Alphabet Mystery Puzzles

Children love engaging in familiar puzzle play to practice letter matching. Match uppercase, lowercase or beginning sounds!

Fall Apple Mystery Puzzle Letter Matching

3. Seasonal CVC Word Mats

My favorite part of this Year Round Resource is that it comes with 22 mats and over 100 CVC word cards. The only prep is to cut the cards. Then, every couple of weeks I slip a new mat in a dry erase sleeve for continued short vowel CVC practice. 

Fall Apple CVC Word Mat

4. Fall Apple Math Craft

Differentiation is the #1 benefit of this resource. Students can build their apple orchard by number matching, adding or subtracting. This would make a great math bulletin board, too!

Fall Apple Math Craft

5. Fall Color by Number

Color by code activities are a favorite fine motor and fast finisher activity. Many students find these activities to be very calming since they can do them independently. 

Fall Color by Number

Here are a few more Apple Activities you can incorporate into your month, too!

⭐️Apple Tasting: Slice green, yellow and red apples for a taste test.

⭐️Apple Stamping: Cut an apple in half and use as a stamp with paint.

⭐️Apple Pie Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with dried oats and letters. Students find the letters and name them. Students can also spell words with the letters they find.  

⭐️Apple Words: Create an anchor chart with apple related words. (i.e. fruit, healthy, pick, orchard, etc.)

⭐️Apple Sorting: Sort apples by size, color, weight, etc.

I hope these ideas help bring your Apple Theme to life! Click here to read more about our favorite Apple Read Alouds!

You can also head to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to grab my Apples Ten Frame Freebie to get you started!

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